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  • 💌Important Message to All Fellas💌

    💌Important Message to All Fellas : 💌

    ⚠️Thank you for being with us over the past year.
    To support our community, we're now offering an "Account Upgrade" for purchase.
    VIP and Legendary members get special direct downloads without needing to like or reply to threads. Upgrade now to enjoy these benefits!
    HERE Our Official Telegram

    ⛔ Spam: If someone try SCAM you or SPAM Message to you let me know we will ban them

    🏆 Download Error or Missing Link: Click on threads and report them to Our admin will re-upload for you.

    ☣️ Infected or Backdoor/RAT: If you find a virus, please report it to us via Telegram or click report in the threads, and we will completely ban them in 100%

    🎯 Our Plan : Make resource downloads on a private host without using another free upload because easy gone

    ❤️ We try our best to make everyone's shared tools clean and fresh in here, so enjoy with our fellas. ❤️


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Feb 19, 2024
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What we give:
  • A unique .com site
  • Private manual, developed and perfected to perfection
  • High % and fast payouts, transparent payment system (you will know how much and for what you get)
  • Black list of users.
  • Full guide from A to Z, as well as mentoring and 24/7 support, from internship to the first log.
  • Issuance of all necessary for work (Steam, twitch and the rest).
  • Bonus system for tops(% increase, USDT, skins, gifts).
  • Convenient communication system between workers and curators.
  • Monthly ratings, career ladder (from spammer to curator with passive % of students).
  • Guarantee of complete anonymity and safety of our Workers.
  • All your innovative ideas and improvements are encouraged and rewarded!
  • Personal panel for every spammer
  • We provide you with all the tools, panel, mentoring and accounts you need to make money. Teaching you how to earn. It is in our interest to build a strong and friendly team.
  • Infinite swap and number of slots.
What we want from you:
  • Intermediate knowledge of English (speech comprehension as well as the ability to formulate short sentences). Knowledge of other languages is welcome.
  • We work on the TOR, if with English you are not all good, just reading the script you will remember the whole algorithm of work, and in the future you can depart from the script for more LIVE dialogue, which will increase your conversion rate.
  • Motivation, determination and willingness to give 4 hours a day to the work.
  • The more you work, the more you get, everything is transparent.
  • Adequacy and understanding of your tasks and goals.
  • Communicability, stress resistance and willingness to learn and discover something new.

1) Your age;
2) English level;
3) Work experience (if available);
4) Steam link;

Contact Us: @lynxcrp (
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